Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well here we are already February.
The studio is nearly empty yet the new one is not quite ready. Guess where everything is. Yes, one of my garage bays. Thank goodness it is a tandem bay.

Much more has been packed in here since this photo. I tried to pack in an organized manner. As I'm sure you know, that only works for the first 75%.
So look at this photo and know that I have NO IDEA what is in 25% of those boxes.

So. it's no secret that we are moving to 3231 Creatives at 3231 Broadway in Everett.

We will be primarily a workshop space and still have open crafting time on the schedule. Workshops will be Thursday - Saturday and Wednesdays will be Appointment Only and private groups.

Third Saturdays will of course be: Art Walk!

The online stores are slowly but surely ramping up to handle 80% of the retail business.

Watch for our announcements to come via FaceBook, this Blog and our Networking site!