Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Art Gel! I'm in love!

So, while at the amazing Alexanders Beads on Roosevelt, I asked about two part epoxy resin in jewelry grade. I always ask, to no avail. I suspected they wouldn't have it but it's been my experience at that shop to continue to ask for things and they often appear for sale. Either from the back room or because people have asked so many times.

Well, to my surprise, he pulled out a bottle of Art Gel and some samples.
They looked great so I had to bring it back to the studio and give it a try.

Results? LOVE!

Unlike the many other 1 part resins coatings and gels, it goes on clear and without bubbles. It flows well, dries in about 12 hours, is only $10 for 4 fl oz. It does still soak into the paper and threaten to run if you are using a home printed photo but even glue does that. Nothing a little Modpodge sealing can't handle.

Product: the Beadsmith DG3 Art Gel

Location: Alexanders Beads - 6307 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115

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