Monday, December 27, 2010

Changes and Crafting

With all of the changes in the first quarter of the new year it will be so easy to make art and creativity a low priority.

I decided that I'm not going to let it slip into last position on the priority list. I've started a 2nd blog as a challenge to keep me on track.

"365 at BDS"

Stop in, follow if you want or be creative with me!
I always love to swap art so if there is something you want to make also, I'm happy to trade. If you want to take the challenge yourself, let me know how to find you and I'll link to your blog.

Some projects will be small, some will be big. Sometimes I may only have time for an ATC or a necklace but my goal is to complete as least 1 project each day. I'm not a tutorial type person but I'm happy to share if I'm using an out of the ordinary technique.

Find it here:

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